The Team

Pink Cactus Co. was created by two sisters who grew up spending every summer at the lake and every winter in the desert. We began Pink Cactus Co. in July 2019 out of pure desire to have apparel that represented the edgy and bad ass-ness of all babes who have this same lifestyle. Every piece of apparel we have created, is something we absolutely love, we never want to make anything that doesn't suit us and who we are. 

With Carina being a momma of 2 beautiful little girls and Andrea having tried her hand at off-road racing, we knew the tees we create would accommodate all women, from all stages of life who all have similar interests. Those women represent our Girl Gang. We want women to feel confident and comfortable in everything we offer from Pink Cactus Co.

We want to be the brand you look at for great quality apparel, the best customer service, and a place where women are striving to just be better human beings. We want to empower the ladies that follow us, push them to be the best they can be and help their own girl gang to be the best versions of themselves, not letting anyone change who they were meant to be.

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Our Cause 

Our mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2015. She underwent a single mastectomy, then shortly after did 2 rounds of chemo for 6 months and 5 weeks of daily radiation. Up until our mom was diagnosed, our family had never known the struggles and difficulties a person and an entire family could go through while doing our best to kick cancer's ass. Our life stopped for an entire year, no desert trips, no river trips, just did our best to keep her healthy. Thankfully, our mom has been cancer free since 2016 and continues to live a healthy life and we've continued our traditions of the desert and lake trips. She is our hero and the reason for our commitment to helping the fight against breast cancer. We have an entire breast cancer awareness collection that can be purchased year around, where we donate a percentage of the proceeds to the Fight Against Breast Cancer. If you would like to also donate to this cause, please follow the link.!/donation/checkout

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